PODI – Elseba on Partnering with PICC

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NIV) that “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”

Periods Of Dignity Initiative (PODI) has been very fortunate to have a young sister organisation that aims to grow together with us alleviating the suffering that our young girls go through during their menses. This new sister organisation is PICC (People In charge of Change).

PICC has been and still is very instrumental in the PODI sanitary distribution in:

Promotion of the Campaign

PICC has been promoting our campaign on their blog, since December 2017. They have been raising awareness of the existence of the problem of lacking sanitary napkins and how it affects the academic achievement of our girls and negatively impacts on their self-worth and dignity. The organisation has also been publishing short testimonies of the girls about their aspirations, giving our supporters some form of report on the impact that their contributions are making in the lives of the young girls.


Collecting donations from friends on behalf of PODI

As you might have noted in last couple of months, PODI had experienced a change in the PayPal fee for donations. The cost of sending in a contribution went from zero to $4.99. This meant that if the donor wanted to give $10 the transaction would total $14.99 This caused the girls we support to be effected. PODI experienced a shortage for May and June. As we were still figuring out another way of having donations reach us without burdening the contributors, PICC setup a gateway for receiving donations on behalf of PODI. In the month of July we have managed to receive donations worth $135.00 through this payment gateway.

PICC is a very important partner to PODI in ensuring that the need of these lovely angels are met.

                                                                                                                     Elseba Adhiambo

All gifts to PODI can be given through PICC Around the World. PICC will absorb the cost to send to Kenya, Africa. Please place the name PODI in the ‘Company Name’ field. Thank you for giving.

PICC Around the World


All Gifts Are Welcome

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Donation Total: $1.00

This category “PICC Around the World” is set up as a convenient way to give to charities outside of the U.S. that use PayPal without having to pay a large fee each time.

We recently learned that one charity PICC promotes had experienced a change in the PayPal fee for donations. It went from zero to $4.99. This means if the donor wants to give $10 the transaction would total $14.99

We at PICC are trying to find ways that will be more convenient to give and fee-free when giving outside of the U.S. The good news is PICC will absorb the fee by sending quarterly (or when the total of gifts exceed $49) each month.

All that is necessary is that the donors use the optional area ‘Company Name’ to indicate the charity the gift is to be given to. PICC has been around since March 2016. If you trust this vehicle and would like to give without having to be hit with a hefty fee, then you are welcome to use PICC Around the World.

Currently, we promote only one out-of-the-country charity. Many donors are reluctant to give using gateways they are not familiar with; neither do they want to absorb extravagant fees when giving a small donation. The charity has suffered because of this. But if there is a way we will find it. Love finds a way.

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