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A short time ago I shared an article with you about Periods of Dignity Initiative (PODI) and the mission they have taken on. We learned a lot about what young girls have to deal with in Kenya and other third-world countries.

One in ten African adolescent girls in remote areas miss school during their menses and eventually drops out of school because of menstruation related issues. Locally, a half a million girls miss school every month because they can’t afford sanitary protection.

Here is PODI’s mission statement:                                                                                                                                           

“Periods Of Dignity Initiative envisions a society where girls will not have to worry about issues, but issues that are critical to their future well-being like academics and school work. We hope to achieve this through partnerships with like-minded individuals, raising awareness and resources that will enable us to buy and distribute the pads to the girls in the slums of Homa Bay County.

Without proper means of maintaining proper menstrual hygiene, these girls are at a higher risk of being the numbers in the statistics above. We don’t want them to be the statistics – we want them to be women who will change their societies for the better.We are in partnership with others to provide them with sanitary pads to help them manage their periods discretely.”

I’d like to share a little about one of PODI’s beneficiaries, Faith Hope:

Faith is a Class Six pupil in Homa Bay County, Kenya. She has had to manage her periods in the most primitive means imaginable. What we take for granted is often something that is totally out of their means.

She has received sanitary pads monthly through PODI and the generosity of donors who realize that these girls are in dire need of these very vital feminine products.

Faith is very thankful for the help she receives. The monthly gift allows her to concentrate on her schooling and have new hope and optimism in her life. She is at the top of her class and has won the presidency of the student’s governing council of her school. She would like to become a medical doctor or “better still, lead this country, Kenya”.

She is a determined young woman with a good future ahead of her. She has a foot handicap, but she always says that it will not deter her from her dreams.

With your help, Faith and other girls like her will have an opportunity to succeed in life.


Please take a moment to read Faith’s letter:

A pack of sanitary pads costs $1. A $10 contribution goes a long way to help these young women. The bigger the contribution, the more girls that can be helped. That’s a very small amount to help them be able to continue their education, garner self-esteem, self-confidence and have a chance for a better life.

You can be a part of the change in the lives of these maturing young ladies.
Please donate below through Paypal to PERIODSOFDIGNITY@GMAIL.COM
or through PICC and make a difference!

Treasurer Bradon Chuchu will ensure that all contributions
go directly to PODI’s mission to help these girls.

Thank you.

Elseba Adhiambo, PODI

Please take a few moments to read about another one of young ladies PODI is helping:

PODI – The Story of Verona Achieng


Note from Gail Pinder: PODI is a cause that has become near and dear to our hearts. We hope to continue giving you updates and to introduce you to some of the girls that are being helped.


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