Pray. Reach. Expect God to Answer. Psalm 28




I am gleaning from works and sermons of E.M. Bounds and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. During my studies on prayer, I am reminded that the believer must not pray as though it is a religious exercise. Be careful that a habit of prayer is not merely of duty instead of earnest seeking. The Pray-er who cares to fill a duty, calm the mind, and subdue the will is content without answers. The duty has been gratification enough.
Then, there are those who Pray in Faith; those who are not satisfied until they obtain actual replies from heaven. Be intentional. David suggested, in times of trouble it is okay to plead, argue and reason with God. Read Psalm 28. Pay close attention to verse 2.
It is okay to lift up one’s hands to the Lord. This is a devout posture, signifying a reaching upward to God; an eagerness to receive the blessing being sought. We stretch out empty hands, we lift them toward the mercy seat of Jesus, from there expecting answers to our prayers.

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