Rip Van Winkle Woke Up

Welcome to our first blog post. This cite is appropriately named “Wake Up” because I once was asleep, unaware of the global elite threat to take over the world and reduce the global population to 500,000 (according to the Georgia Guide Stones). I know many of you are still asleep but if you follow this weekly blog, I assure you, your perspective and outlook on the greater scope will broaden.

The majority of people have been lulled to sleep over generations of time. The only way to wake you up is to introduce you to the root cause of your complacency. Most sleepers are like sheep relegated to live in a chorale. Do you think sheep know they are in a chorale and have an overseer?

Sheeple/people are not aware they survive in a global chorale because the overseer has taken control of the mind. The overseer of this world is the prince of darkness, Satan and his minions. These spiritual beings are powerful and attack the mind and thoughts through deception with the help of evil people.

In a future discussion, I will demonstrate to you how the United Nations Agenda 21 is attempting to orchestrate every facet of life on the planet.

Jesus said he came to set the captives free. That is, Jesus came to break the shackles over your mind. When the Holy Spirit draws us near to Jesus, he gives us weapons to break free and the first weapon is the sword, the Word of God. Another weapon is put on the helmet of salvation to protect our mind from the deception of our enemy.

Your life is controlled from birth to death. From the time you are born, if you are allowed to be born and that being said, you must consider why people delight in the murder of the unborn. Answer: they have no conscience, no mercy, no empathy and their god is Satan who comes to kill, steal and destroy. The overseers control your entire life through selective programming. What we see and hear influences the way we think. Our minds are systematically programmed through academia, entertainment, commercials, drama, sports, pornography, feel good and get rich schemes, phony clairvoyants to name a few.

For example, taking your Pre-k children to the library may result in a shocking experience as the story tellers are men dressed in outrageous, scary costumes reading about adult sexuality, masked as a children’s story. Your elementary school attendance is mandatory and you learn the basics but many children are not encouraged to excel because individualism is discouraged. Children’s minds are being molded into a herd mentality, as good global citizens living in a global chorale. So, if God is not allowed in the schools, it is reasonable to understand that a demonic force has filled that void. Educational curriculum have incorporated secularism and alternate life styles. Going to college? Seems like you may have more freedom to socialize, set aside morals, or join a fraternity. You better attend classes to further your subtle indoctrination into becoming a compliant citizen of the world. If you have a job, you must be at work at certain time, stop at the red light, pay your bills on time, take vacation when it is approved by your boss. Last but not least is to pay the IRS.

See, I am speaking from experience. During my time sleep, I worked, took care of my family, went to college, church and read the bible. But I remember, reading the bible was habitual. I read but I did not understand. My world view was bible based and I did not factor in world history. You cannot know where you are going, if you do not know where you have come from. Myself and others had no real interest in historical events. We may say, its just the European model of historical events that have been misconstrued.

Case in point. I attended a majority white, upper class high school. While the elite lived in really nice neighborhoods, some of us lived by the rail road tracks, in tin roof huts. In high school, we had history or his-story, which eliminated the horrors of the European invasion of south and north America. Slavery was a diminished subject with Nate Turner’s rebellion being the highlight. African American achievements were limited to George Washington Carver and his peanuts.

I decided to take college level courses, since the employer offered tuition assistance. One of my first research papers was on African American contributions. Wow. I was astounded to find so many talented people of color in every field conceivable. I was angry that no one told me about this wealth of history. At the time of my discovery, along came Angela Davis, Black Panthers, James Brown, “I’m black and I’m proud”, Martin Luther King, Malcom X just to name a few ground breakers in the 20th century. They were labeled militants and I wanted to be a militant too. I was the first to wear the Angela Davis afro, strutting proudly into corporate America.

I was waking up. Combining bible history with world history changes a microscopic view into an expanded awareness. I could begin to see that history repeats itself. For instance, slavery has been practiced in every nation as far back to the Babylonian or Assyrian empires, including the Greeks, Portuguese, Romans, Africans etc.

Join me again as we look back in history to understand the roots of racism a ploy from the recesses of hell.