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As people of faith, we often find ourselves thinking of the changes we are seeing in our world. It can be frightening to see a very different world than what we grew up in. Some become overwhelmed with the disappointments of their government leaders, friends, family, and even their religious leaders. Why is this? Is our worldview changing over time? Could it be that maturity has changed our perception of things? This would include our increasing knowledge of the real world around us, personal experiences, and wisdom given to us by our Creator. The latter gives us a deeper look into the progression of increasing evils, and if we are discerning, why evil seems to be gaining ground.

But… is there anything new under the Sun? According to King Solomon, who has been deemed as the wisest man ever lived and dubbed “The Preacher” by the Greek interpretation of the title, stated:


Sure, technology, inventions, ideas and legislation put in place by our local and national government have greatly influenced the world we are living in. These elements have made what has always been to be more progressive in nature.  As followers of Christ we should be using these same tools that are being used for evil for the expansion of the Gospel and to encourage hearts and minds for the good of ALL people.

Here’s a thought. Where does this place the faith community? Are we to be progressing in the right direction? Or are we to be in lockstep with the changes that seems to be forced upon us? I think not. People of faith can see the opportunities placed before them to be what they are called to be in the darkness. Our presence in this world as the Body of Christ means that there is Hope. We must take an active part to be A Beacon of Hope to Inspire, Encourage, Inform, and Engage in the world around us. We are SALT and LIGHT.

Here are publications Melody Acey and I tag teamed to encourage believers. The Lord has called us to be SALT and Light when darkness becomes gross darkness. Keep your focus on Him; not on the storm clouds around you.

Called to be S.A.L.T.



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