Thank you, Mr. President!





President Trump has only been in office for about sixteen months and has accomplished more during that time than many previous presidents have during their entire term.  For the first time in a LONG time, America is respected  again.

We are seeing history made right before our eyes:

A few short months ago, North Korea was actively testing nuclear weapons and things were looking dire. Now, North and South Korea have reconnected after decades and have pledged to put an end to the Korean war and unify. North Korea has started talking denuclearization and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, will meet with President Trump for a historic summit on June 12th in Singapore.

As of this moment, it seems that Kim Jong Un is playing some games and considering cancelling the summit. I hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, it’s on Kim Jong Un and NOT President Trump. I’m also fairly sure that Trump has a Plan “B” and “C” up his sleeve, if necessary.

After lengthy negotiations, and as a good-will gesture before the summit, three US citizens who were imprisoned in North Korea were recently released. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was able to bring them home with him when he returned from meetings with top officials in the North Korean capital.

President Trump is practicing “peace through strength” and it is working. Its reminiscent of President Reagan challenging Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall, with the words: “Take down that wall!”

We watched our president withdraw from the Iranian Nuclear deal, which he described as the worst deal ever. “The fact is this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made,” Trump said. “We cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement. The Iran deal is defective at its core.” I totally agree with President Trump.

Another campaign promise kept! President Trump says : “When I make promises, I keep them.”

As promised, we recently saw the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. President Trump had promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the embassy there. Every recent president had talked about it, but Trump actually did it!

The U.S. economy is strong. Unemployment has dropped to a 17 year low, small business optimism is roaring, and economic growth has picked up.

Illegal immigration is high on our President’s list of things to carry out. The Left is still fighting the wall, but there are improvements being seen. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions has taken a “zero tolerance policy” toward illegal immigrants nabbed at the border and the National Guards who have been deployed to the Mexican border are making an impact.

There is news on the abortion front:

The Trump administration is moving to cut off federal funding to any family health care clinics that refer patients to abortion providers or share medical facilities with them. In a statement, the White House said the proposed rule “fulfills President Donald J. Trump’s promise to continue to improve women’s health and make sure that Federal funds are not used to fund the abortion industry in violation of the law”.

President Trump is taking seriously the most important things he told his voters he’d do if elected. It’s a key element of his bond with his base. They aren’t always within his power to deliver, especially anything involving Congress. It has to be more than frustrating.

The Left continues to attack President Trump. His cabinet is still not complete, and they are fighting him tooth and nail each step of the way. I believe Trump could find the cure for cancer and they’d STILL condemn him!

Through it all, in spite of the turmoil he’s up against, President Trump is proving that he is a president for the PEOPLE and not a politician. He is keeping his promises! We are seeing the changes that we fought so hard for.

Those of us who supported Trump and voted for him, know his slogan well: “Make America Great Again”. He is doing just that!

Just look around and see the promises kept! Are you tired of winning yet?? I’m sure not!


Ben Carson Quote of the Day: “Success is determined not by whether you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next.”

Note from Gail: Mid term elections are approaching and they are vital to Trump’s continued success.  If we want to keep the momentum going, we need to keep our seats in Congress and hopefully gain even more. We need to know the issues that are important to us and be more informed voters.  Please take a little time and review this Congressional Scorecard that Rochelle Indo created. It makes it easy to know who your congressmen/women are and to gain insight on how they have voted in the past.



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