The Beauty of Humankind

Some of us are tall like the Watusi in Africa and others are short like the little people found in China;  red hair folks from Ireland and blond hair Aboriginal people in Australia;  curly, straight, coarse hair may be seen on  dark to light complexion people;  Norseman with blue eyes and Middle Eastern folks with brown eyes. These characteristics distinguish one person from another among the billions of members of  the human race. We are all beautiful like hundreds of different flowers in a garden.

In the beginning God made a beautiful garden.  He created man and woman in his own image. God formed Adam and Eve from the same earth that burst forth with an abundance of flowers, trees, and herbs.

Yahweh touched the clay mass to form himself a body, and he gently molded his face, arms, torso, legs, etc. He formed man’s inner parts.  He allowed the mysterious substance called blood to flow through his veins and touched his heart to beat in rhythm with the heart of Yahweh. He caressed his beloved.  God blew his holy breath, the Ruach, the spirit of life into his nostrils and Adam became a living soul.    Adam opened his eyes and looked into the loving eyes of his creator.

The human is composed of body, soul and spirit and God said he knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb. The unborn baby is known of God and is precious in his site.  All of humanity is beautiful to our creator.  The word tells us how can you love God whom you have not seen and have no love for your neighbor who you have seen.  Thinking of that, let us be like God and look upon each other in love.

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