The Front Porch

“Many days and evenings have been spent sitting on the front porch with neighbors and friends. We’d talk about anything and everything – a lot of laughter, tears and prayers!  The camaraderie made all the difference. We need some front porch sitting in today’s world. Just think of all the problems we’d solve!”                                                                                                                                                Gail Pinder


Oh! Don’t forget your tea…

                 Sit awhile and take a look at my articles listed below:


Joy Comes in the Morning

Under His Wings

No Greater Love….

2020 – A New Year Arrives!

We Need a Little Christmas

Let Us Give Thanks

Sentimental Journey


Thy Word is a Lamp….and a Light

God Shed His Grace on Thee

The Hem of His Garment

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks??

I Thirst

Nearer My God to Thee

Who Will Fight for Them?

Oh Me of Little Faith 

Is There Room?

We Gather Together

It Is Well With My Soul!   

The Potter’s Hands

When God Speaks, Do We Listen?

Push Back the Darkness

I Pledge My Allegiance! Do You??

Happy Mother’s Day!!

United We Stand – Divided We Fall

Do You Know Who You Are?

PODI – The Story of Verona Achieng

PODI – The Story of Faith Rose

Make a Difference!

PICC Around the World – PODI

Thank You!

Silent Night


Our Journey

Should Christians Have a Role in Politics??

Did You Ever Wonder?????


Let Freedom Ring

And They All Came Tumbling Down….

Israel – God’s Chosen People?

Ben Carson – A True Man of the People

The Meaning of Christmas

Be Ye Thankful!! 

This is My Country!   !

Let Us Pray!

A Front Porch Moment

Immigration – Then and Now

911 – The Day that Rocked America

America’s Veterans

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time visiting the Front Porch!  Come back now, ya hear??

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