The People’s Billionaire – Donald J. Trump

President, Donald J. Trump has stepped out of his world of a lavish and indulgent lifestyle to join the world of the working-class man, the silent majority who have been treated unfairly for decades. He has laid it all on the line for a country he loves dearly, the United States of America. His goal is to give back to the country which has given he and his family so much and bring the needed change in order that many others would have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams.

The political class, the “establishment,” and the media bias against President Trump has been incredible and unending. But could that be the very reason – the blatant onslaughts against him – that people are waking up, helping them to choose him over her? The crowds at his rallies (compared to hers) were indicative of how the American people voted on election day. He is now President Donald J. Trump.


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