The People In Charge of Change team is determined to give you up-to-date information to make certain you are ready to vote on election day(s). Each State is represented below by its state seal. Find your State Seal and click on it! It takes you directly to your state’s Election Division.  P.I.C.C. has simplified this process for We the People are in Charge of Change!

Note: For some states the Secretary of State websites are not functioning or are being updated. We have provided an alternative link that will help you get the information you need. It’s a popular site called www.RocktheVote.com.

It appears to be updated and made easy to navigate. Take time to browse your State’s site and learn all you can before election day.Additional info will be provided for the states as we get updates. Please share among friends and relatives, on or off social media. We cannot lose a single vote! It is vitally important to get information to the people in your local and State communities. It is rewarding to know you’ve helped to make a difference. Election info for each state takes less than 30 seconds to find online.

This does not take work. Only a minuscule amount of effort to be ready on election day.

P.I.C.C. is all over social media; so access to info is just a click away from that FB and Twitter post. If P.I.C.C. can be of service to you, a love one or a friend who needs help navigating their way through the process, feel free to let us know at provisions59@gmail.com. We love and care for all of you.



Alaska seal





Connecticut seal




Hawaii Seal

Idaho seal

Illinois Seal


Iowa Seal





Maryland seal

Massachusetts Seak

Michigan seal


Missouri seal

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South Dakota


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People In Charge of Change is into its third year of serving the people of this nation, and helping out abroad as well. We are into our PHASE IV Campaign, “Growing the Distance.” Click on the image below and learn more. You have an opportunity to help our efforts by donating a gift of any amount. We thank everyone for their support. 



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