What True Patriotism Is and Its Counterpart

When the Voice from the Dead Is Still A Voice for Today.

This is only for those who are TRUE Patriots. For only they would be the ones who would take a few minutes of their time to listen to this video. Others are likely to be people who just like to chit chat on social media using one liners and memes to whip people into a frenzy while claiming to be Patriots. I am very selective of who I listen to, especially religious leaders. Years ago I found Archibishop Fulton Sheen on Youtube. I am not Catholic, however had I been, he would be my greatest go to person for the wisdom of God and for the knowledge God has given him. Archbishop Sheen has been dead for 40 years, yet his ‘LIFE IS WORTH LIVING’ TV broadcast is still available on Youtube. I try to listen to every one of them more than once or twice. It’s WORTH it. On this video Archbishop Sheen breaks down what true Patriotism is… and what the counterpart looks like. Okay, TRUE Patriots you have PATRIOTISM 101.

Let’s not get it twisted. Our Lord and Savior is still The Voice for Today. His is the Supreme Voice we are to listen to. He has provided us with His Word,the Bible, as our ‘go to’ Instruction Manual on how we ought to be. This can only be appreciated by those of us who accepts Him as our Savior. Then, we will deem His truths as our Highest Priority by which to live by.

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