PICC Family, if you have recently visited www.peopleinchargeofchange.com you would have noted some significant changes on the homepage, sliders and menu options. Quite frankly, our aim is to project a post-election feel to the blog. We also intend to reflect that we are a team at PICC and the team makes us who we are. We have included an updated slider that echoes the sentiment of our objective; also on the menu options is The PICC Family. Take a moment to browse this area… see the new faces as well as the veterans of the blog. Scott’s Page represents a wonderful music artist and his wife, Debbie. Scott & Debbie Gager. They have contributed Patriotic songs and Love Ballads to PICC which are on this page. Let them know by leaving a comment what you think of their contribution.  On each page or post you will find widgets on side posts/pages for links of other articles or ads. One such ad is a link for Amazon pages of Ivanka Trump’s items. There are two (2) reasons for this; 1. To support Ivanka after the horrendous attacks against her line and her brand by the media and the secular progressives. 2. Any ads appearing on PICC is linked to Amazon. Being an associate/affiliate to Amazon, any purchases made by connecting to the shopping site through these links will ensure a small percentage (from 4% -10%) of the cost will go to PICC. This will pose no additional cost to the consumer. Many of you who are familiar with professional blogging and website maintenance understand what it costs to have a hosting company and what it costs for responsive plugins/themes (not the free ones) and updates. In addition, PICC will seek a 501c3 nonprofit status by year end. The cost to do this with legal help is noteworthy.

We are open to your comments or questions.