Time to come in from out in the cold… I’m just saying. We are wasting so much time on FAKE NEWS (the narrative of the cold hard left) that we are possibly missing REAL NEWS that is being made by our President and his Administration. While relying on the few resources we have, and can depend on for keeping us updated on current events, let’s not forget we have a resource even better that helps us to BYPASS the rhetoric, the pundits and the FAKE NEWS. It is called www.whitehouse.gov or www.WH.gov  (Just click one of these links and it will take you directly to the page.)

We can be updated on the President’s (and Vice Pres.) speeches, Executive order signings, weekly addresses to the people, and much, much more by just logging on and browsing. Get familiar with the President and First Lady and his cabinet. Know them. Who knows one day you may need to reference one of them in talking about the issues that are close to home and close to those within your sphere of influence.

It is very important to know and name the enemy of the American people and the Constitution by which this nation has established as a fundamental edict. Recognize and name the enemy. Do LESS listening to the daily grind of hateful voices of those participating in and encouraging vitriol behavior, and opposition to our President. These are against the issues that are vitally important to us. Do LESS watching. Do your BEST to shut off the FAKE NEWS. They cannot get their message out to the public unless the public follows them. The POTUS has over 100 million followers on social media. Ever wonder why the voices against him wants him to stop tweeting? That should answer your query. President Trump bypasses the hateful media and speak directly to the people. We must do LESS watching those who are set against us and begin to depend MORE on what we hear firsthand from our President and his administration. We also have those trusted voices on FOX NEWS (not all of them are trusted voices) and Sean Hannity is a real Patriot on FOX and on Talk Radio. By avoidance of the FAKE NEWS we will not get caught up in the spin of the President’s every word or tweet.

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