Wind For Your Sails Introduction

Hi friends! I wanted to introduce myself and my family to you in my first post in this column. I’m thrilled to strap in with you on this new adventure of writing. I’m praying you will be encouraged and your heart even more fixed on Jesus. There’s no better place to be!

You could find us most days at our home in Jonesboro, having a meal together around the kitchen table or doing elementary school work at that same table. Josh and I have been married for 16 years and have 3 great kids. Grey is 9, Charlotte 6, and Oliver 3. We’re enjoying the slower pace of life that homeschooling offers as well as the refining challenges it brings.

We love to hike and be outdoors. Putting our devices away and just being with each other is where we find the good stuff. Now that Oliver can walk a little further, we can go more often! Josh likes to get creative and film our hikes to post on YouTube. You can find him under Josh Sanders if you want to say hi to him or follow along on our hiking adventures.

“Wind For Your Sails” is the title of the column that came to me after a time of needed refreshing in my spirit. I had just finished reading two books by Bob Goff, ‘Love Does’ and ‘Everybody Always’. He really simplifies the gospel in a way that I needed to hear. Keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus is my focus these days after reading his books. If we can find ways to keep our hearts turned towards Him, there’s so much joy and adventure to be discovered, even in the middle of struggles. I praise God for putting notes of encouragement on our hearts to write for others to read and get reoriented back to Him.

Pray for me, if you will, that the Lord will use me to encourage others with my words and that I will continue to have the courage to share those words with you.

Looking forward to growing closer to Him together!

Here’s a video of a hike Josh and I went on for our anniversary. Enjoy!




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